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For we walk by faith, not by sight (2 Cor. 5:7).

In this verse, God is saying that we should walk by the Word and not by the physical senses. The Word is our standard. Jesus is our example.

If that is true (and it is), how dare I say that I am scared or afraid? That would be pointing my bony finger in the face of God and calling Him a liar. He said in His Word: "For God hath not given us the spirit of fear; but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind" (2 Tim. 1:7).

So if I have fear, it did not come from God, and I do not have any business entertaining it. It is dishonoring to God.

Yes, I could be scared every minute of every day, but I retired from it because God has not given me that spirit. I do not need it, so I am not afraid of anything.

No One Is Exempt
You may think that I have not faced the same things you have, but I have been exactly where you have been. I was there when the doctor walked out of the room and told me that my little eight-year-old son, who had been run over by a car, was dead. I have walked there.

I stood by the casket of my wife's younger sister who died of cancer. Then shortly thereafter, someone jumped in the car behind her husband and blew his brains out. Shortly after he was killed, their oldest son committed suicide. My wife's younger brother died of an overdose of narcotics.

I have been there, but I do not talk about those things, because they do not magnify the Lord and it is not going to bring them back to talk about it.

I stood there on the porch when they jacked up my car and repossessed it. I was there when the man with the two-wheel dolly came in the house, went over to the corner and unplugged the television set. He wrapped the cord around the back of the TV, pushed the dolly underneath it, secured the lashing strap around it, and repossessed my TV.

I know what it is to have things taken away from me.

I stood in the court when I had to declare bankruptcy, because I could not pay my bills, and I could not take care of my wife and children.

Battle With Tumors
Before I learned how to walk in the Word, I had a tumor in my body. The churches that I went to then said that miracles and healing were only for the Early Church and that all of that ended when the apostles died. They said it did not work anymore, but thank God for doctors and medicine.

The doctor cut that tumor out of me, but he told me another one might grow in the other side of my chest cavity later on. Sometimes vestiges of that particular type of tumor will stay in the body and travel to a new location later.

Sure enough, one day there was another tumor that grew and grew. But I knew what the Word said by that time, and I cursed the thing in the name of Jesus. It took me eleven months to stand, because I was still a baby in faith. I had more of the Word in my head than in my heart, but I kept saying, "I believe I am healed based on the Word of God."

Romans 10:17 says faith cometh by hearing, and hearing by the word of God. It does not say who you have to hear it from. You can hear it from your own mouth. If you cannot believe your own mouth, whose mouth are you going to believe?

If I walked up to Oral Roberts and said, "You're scared, you're scared," do you think that would bother the man of God? Of course not, because my words do not have the credibility with him that God's words do. He believes His words more than he believes mine.

So when you say things like, "I'm sick. I'm poor. I can't make it. I'm afraid I won't succeed," you believe those things, because you have confidence in your words.

Crenshaw Christian Center has been out of room for more than ten years. In 1977, we went to double services. We went looking for more room and found a 23-acre property in Los Angeles. That was like finding pearls of great price, because there is not that much property right in the middle of the city.

Taking A Huge Loss
We went to inquire about the property, and something inside of me said, "No, don't go into this deal." But we went into it anyway. It did not work out, because we did not get the financing we needed.

Finally, they gave us one last opportunity, but they wanted us to put up one hundred thousand dollars. My board said, "Yes, pastor, we need to do this. We ought to do it." Something inside said, "No, don't do it," but I did not want to be dictatorial, so I said, "Well okay, let's go with it."

We lost the hundred thousand dollars. I had to stand up there that Sunday morning all by myself and take full responsibility as pastor of the church for losing one hundred thousand dollars.

A multimillionaire, white businessman called me into his big, beautiful office and asked me to sit down. This spirit-filled, tongue-talking, Bible-toting, faith-believing businessman said, "Fred, you might as well realize it. Nobody is going to loan you any money in the ghetto."

That was a real encouraging word. Where were we going to get the money to solve our space problem in the ghetto?

Well, my God supplies all my needs according to His riches in glory by Christ Jesus (Phil. 4:19). So I began to say, "I believe that all my needs are met."

We did not have any money, but by confessing the Word of God we bought a 32-acre piece of property right in the heart of Los Angeles. Without selling any chicken dinners and without any rummage sales, black folks bought 32 acres for $14 million dollars. We are building a sanctuary that will seat more than 10,000 people.

What will we do if we cannot get it built? That is not my problem. It is not my church; it is God's church. If He cannot build it, then we do not need it. If I could build it, I would have done it more than 10 years ago when we ran out of room. I cannot do it, but God can.

The Only Way To Live
Perhaps you now can understand me better when I say that I do not have any problems. I have cast them all on Him. So I have to act like I am free, and I have to talk like I am free.

I am a living example that it works. I have personally confessed my "out of debt" process. I do not owe money to anyone, and I pay cash for everything.

I am trying to give you a living example of a contemporary man of faith, not someone who lived hundreds of years ago. Thank God for Martin Luther, but I never saw Martin Luther. Thank God for Charles and John Wesley, but I never saw them either.

We need to see some contemporary people who are walking by the Word of God and not by the physical senses.

Source: Living In The Realm Of The Spirit
by Frederick K.C. Price, Ph.D.
Excerpt permission granted by Faith One Publishing

Author Biography

Frederick K.C. Price
Web site: Ever Increasing Faith Ministries
Dr. Frederick K. C. Price received an honorary diploma from the Rhema Bible Training Center in 1976 and an honorary Doctorate of Divinity Degree from Oral Roberts University in 1982; both institutions are based in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

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