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Have you ever awakened one morning with a smile on your face, feeling great, looking forward to the day ahead and suddenly all hell breaks loose? Or you're driving down the freeway, the car is running great and suddenly everything falls out from under it?

Have you ever been in a situation like that where a storm arises out of nowhere?

That's the way the devil operates. He loves to catch you off guard. He is hoping that this unexpected attack will cause you to panic and you'll be unprepared to deal with it. When people panic, they throw all their Bible lessons out the window, and they respond in fear rather than in faith.

We see an example of this in Mark chapter four of Jesus teaching His disciples a parable of how the Kingdom of God operates. Verse thirteen says, "Know ye not this parable? And how then will ye know all parables? The sower sows the word. And these are they by the way side where the Word is sown; but when they have heard, Satan comes immediately, and takes away the Word that was sown in their hearts.... And when they were alone, he expounded all things to his disciples."

Now, Jesus has taken His disciples and revealed to them the principles of sowing and reaping. He explicitly said that once the Word is sown, Satan will come immediately to take it away; therefore, we must be on guard at all times to resist Satan's attacks.

If anybody ought to have a revelation of this principle, it should be the disciples, right? I mean, Jesus Christ Himself has just expounded all things to His disciples.

Notice what happens: "And the same day, when the even was come, he said unto them, 'Let us pass over unto the other side.' And there arose a great storm of wind, and the waves beat into the ship, so that it was now full."

Now, when Jesus said, "Let us pass over unto the other side," there was not a cloud in the sky. There was not even a forecast of a storm coming, and there arose a great storm. The literal Greek meaning for the word arose is "unexpected." They had no idea a storm was coming. This thing came out of nowhere.

In the Greek, the word great comes from the word mega meaning enormous, huge, overwhelming. In other words, this storm was designed by the forces of hell to destroy them. It's mega. The Amplified Bible says it this way, "a furious storm of wind of hurricane proportions arose."

I've learned that Satan loves to catch you off guard particularly right after a major victory in your life. There's a tendency to drop your guard spiritually after a victory. When you've been believing God for six months for something and you finally win, there's a tendency to want to take all that armor off and throw it in the closet and hope you won't have to use your faith for at least another six months.

But while you're enjoying your victory, the devil is scheming and plotting another attack. Don't dare throw your shield of faith off. Don't dare throw your sword down! Be on guard!

The fact that Jesus was asleep on the ship during a mega storm indicates to me that as far as He is concerned, everything is under control. It may not look like it in the natural, but it's under control.

You and I have experienced situations like this, not necessarily out on the sea, but that's the way it seems when Satan attacks your finances, your family, your business, your church. Sometimes the attacks come in hurricane proportions.

In the mega storms of life, the devil is not counting on Jesus getting you out of this storm. Just as unexpectedly as this storm arose in your life, Jesus will unexpectedly rise up to counter it, Hallelujah!

I want you to know that if you're in a storm today and you're ship is being tossed to and fro and it looks like there is no way that you could possibly endure it any longer, the Captain of your salvation has not jumped ship! He's still in your ship and He's got it fully under control!

I know what I'm talking about, I've been there! God wants you to get out of this "survival mentality" where you just hope, if anything, you come out of the storm alive. That's not God's best for your life. It's time for you to think bigger than you've ever thought before. Expect God to move on your behalf. Expect mega miracles in your life.

In Luke 5, we read of Peter, James and John who are in the fishing business. They had been out fishing all night, they've been on the boat for hours and haven't caught a single fish. They have nothing to show for all their hours out on the water.

But notice what happens when Jesus came on the scene. Jesus said, "Launch out into the deep, and let down your nets for a draught. And Simon answering said unto him, Master, we have toiled all the night and have taken nothing: nevertheless at thy word I will let down the net. And when they had this done, they enclosed a great multitude of fishes: and their net broke."

In other words, a few hours ago they had nothing, now they have mega. One moment you have absolutely nothing in your bank account and suddenly you have mega. Could you handle that?

If you've been faithful, your due season is coming! I don't know what kind of storm you may have experienced in the last few days, weeks, or months, but Jesus is in your ship, the Word of God is in your heart, and if you'll dare stand on it then God is capable of bringing a mega calm into your life.

If you've been waking up in the morning thinking, "Dear God, I can't face another day, this is too overwhelming," if you'll keep standing on the Word of God, then this unexpected storm will turn around and become the greatest victory you've ever experienced!

In every overwhelming experience you're facing, don't give up, don't quit, and don't get discouraged! It's time to pick yourself up, rebuke Satan, and declare that there is coming a great, mega calm in your life in Jesus' Name!

Remember this: Out of a mega storm comes a mega calm!

Copyright © Jerry Savelle Ministries International
All rights reserved. Used by permission.

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