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God created the heavens and the earth, the water and the land, the stars in the sky. He created the sun to warm us and the plants to feed us. He created all of the animals from the tall giraffes and the big fat hippos to the tiny mice and the fish in the ocean. He created everything and He was very pleased.

The most special thing He created though, was man. Man was unlike any other of God's creations. The reason that this man was so special was because he was just like God. He was a spirit being. He was a spirit being who could think and act on his own.

Oh, God loved all of the animals and plants He created, but these were all for His most special creation—Adam.

God created Eve to help Adam. All of the animals and the plants were in a special garden called Eden. Both Adam and Eve would live here and take care of this special place.

God told them they were the bosses. They were the ones in charge. They were the ones that ruled and had dominion in the garden.

In the garden was every kind of plant you could imagine. There were two very different trees in the garden. One was called the Tree of Life. The other tree was called the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil.

The Lord told Adam not to eat of this tree and that if he did he would die.

One day Satan entered the garden. He was the enemy of God. Therefore he was the enemy of Adam and Eve. He was very sly and his goal was to come between God and His two special friends.

He knew that in order to pull off what he had in mind that he would have to disguise himself. He became like a serpent. Then he waited. He waited for that moment when he could slip in and take over. Before too long he found it in Eve.

She was there so close and that is when Satan tricked her into eating from the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil. She even talked Adam into doing the same thing.

At last. They had no real idea what they had done. They took the place that God Almighty had given to them—to rule and have dominion over the earth—and gave it to Satan.

Now Satan had authority and dominion. He was the boss. It really belonged to Adam and Eve but they handed it over to him.

Adam and Eve were taken outside of the beautiful garden. They were separated from God. It was a very sad day. But, God began to work on a plan that very day to get back what Satan took. To give back to man the dominion and authority that is rightfully his.

Satan's Packaged Deal
"Satan's Package Deal" has three things in it. Sin, sickness, and death.

That's right, did you know that all three of these things entered the earth at the time of Adam's fall? These three things cannot be separated, because all three of them are manifestations of the nature of the devil.

When God created Adam He gave Adam dominion over the whole world. When Adam disobeyed God, Adam gave his dominion to the devil.

The devil brought sin, sickness and death into the world to control man. The world would not know sin, sickness or death if Adam had not sinned.

Source: Adapted from Super Church Curriculum Our Redemption by Mark Harper
Excerpt permission granted by Mark Harper Ministries

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