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Today, people everywhere are struggling through life with damaged emotions. They've endured a lot of negative things, causing untold damage that needs to be dealt with. But all too often, these hurts are simply swept under the rug in an attempt to make them go away.

Through my own life experiences and from many years of helping others through this process, I've discovered that although God wants to help those who really want emotional healing, there are some very important steps these individuals must take for themselves. If you want to receive emotional healing, one of the first steps you must take is to face the truth. You can't be set free while living in denial. You can't pretend that certain negative things didn't happen to you.

I've come to realize that we're experts at building walls and stuffing things into dark corners, pretending they never happened.

I spent the first eighteen years of my life in an abusive environment, but as soon as I got away from that situation, I acted as though nothing was wrong. I never told anyone what had gone on in my private life.

Soon the door opened to the national TV director’s office, and we were invited in for our scheduled appointment. To my surprise, the director was a woman. She held an unusual, very powerful position in a Muslim society. When I made my presentation about our TV programs, she responded, “Maybe you don’t understand. We are a Muslim republic. Your programs can’t be broadcast here. Plus, our signal reaches Tehran, and if we run your Bible teaching programs, it could offend our partners in Iran.”

It was the early 1990s — a time when supernatural doors were flying open for our TV ministry in nearly every corner of the Soviet Union. But one area that remained closed was Baku, Azerbaijan. Since this was a Muslim city, I had been strongly advised not to go there to negotiate for television time. Plus, the country of Azerbaijan was in a serious military conflict at the time. But despite what people were advising me to do, I sensed a strong leading of the Holy Spirit to go there. I simply knew that if I would put my feet on that land, God would open doors for us to broadcast the teaching of the Bible there.

We watched the news day by day to monitor what was happening with the military developments that were largely based around the capital city of Baku, where the largest TV tower in that part of the world was located. This tower was so huge, its signal covered not only Azerbaijan, but it reached all the way into the heart of Iran. For a door of this size to open would definitely require the supernatural grace of God, and it would also require divine courage to go there in the middle of an escalating military conflict!

Do you ever feel like the little boy in the midst of the huge crowd from John 6:9, offering Jesus your “five loaves and two fish”? You know in your heart that what you are giving up for the sake of others is not enough in natural measurements of sufficiency. Yet you feel compelled to give what you have, in eager, or possibly nervous anticipation of what Jesus will do with what you hand over to Him.

Most of us are very aware of our shortcomings, our weaknesses, our insufficiencies. The enemy of our souls takes every opportunity to accuse us of our “not-enoughness” while we are endeavoring to fulfill the will of God with our lives. He tries to get us to focus on what we lack as we survey the immediate situation instead of focusing on the miraculous capabilities of God.

There is often the thought that lurks in the back of our minds that our insufficiency will prove to be the determining factor of the outcome. And yet, experience proves that Jesus multiplies our quantities and qualities with His supernatural grace. He meets the need with His own provisions that manifest through our offerings. He has chosen to work through His people, and our cooperation with His methods always proves to be the right choice.

We must give Him whatever we have so that He may take it and make it benefit His purposes.


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